An important update on COVID-19 protocols

UNC Charlotte Student Activity Center
Friday, May 21, 2021

Dear Niners, 

You made it! Congratulations on successfully completing the academic year. I hope your finals went well and you are looking forward to a well-deserved relaxing and fun break.  

I write with an update to information shared with you last week about North Carolina lifting most of its COVID-19 safety mandates to be in line with updated guidance from the CDC. We have also adapted many of our protocols to this new information. However, as we begin summer classes, and after review of additional UNC System and public health guidance, we will maintain some face-covering requirements. 

Effective Monday, May 24, face coverings will be required in classrooms, lab settings, other instructional spaces, the Student Health Center and on Niner Transit — regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings may also be required on a case-by-case basis for designated indoor spaces or gatherings where close contact is likely to occur. Additional guidance on other spaces that may be subject to face-covering requirements will be provided by Wednesday, May 26. 

What you can expect this summer

  • If you are vaccinated — Other than in designated locations (outlined above), you are no longer required to wear a face covering on campus or practice social distancing from other vaccinated individuals. Those who are vaccinated and feel safer wearing a mask are encouraged to do so. 
  • If you are not vaccinated — You should continue wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing measures to help protect yourself against infection. 
  • Niner Health Check — If you are enrolled in classes this summer, you will continue receiving the daily Niner Health Check. If you have been vaccinated and received approval of your COVID-19 vaccine reporting form, you are exempt from completing the daily survey. If you have not been vaccinated or have not submitted and received approval of your reporting form, you must continue completing the daily health check. 
  • On-campus residents — You will receive additional information from Housing and Residence Life about expectations for on-campus residents this summer. 
  • Vaccination — Vaccination remains your best protection from COVID-19. If you need help locating a vaccine, please visit the Niner Nation Cares website. Once you're vaccinated, please don’t forget to tell us. You will be eligible for a variety of incentives.​
  • Campus signage —  You will begin to see the removal of some COVID-19-related campus signage.
  • Plexiglass dividers/hand sanitizer stations/water fountains — Plexiglass dividers and sanitizer stations will remain in place for now until a longer-term plan for these items is developed. Facilities Management will return water fountains to service, but it may take a little while to ensure the water is properly filtered after more than a year of not being used.

No change in fall tuition, housing, dining or parking costs

As you plan for your return to campus in the fall, I want to make sure you are aware there will be no increases to tuition or charges for housing, dining and parking for the 2021-22 academic year.

Ongoing communication

We will continue to stay in regular communication with you between now and August, and we will provide full return-to-campus guidance to you by mid-July. Please continue to monitor your email closely. Additionally, we are planning town halls to ensure you have the information you need as we welcome you back in August.

I hope you will be able to join us. The sessions will also be recorded and posted to the Niner Nation Cares website

Just like our transition to remote learning required patience, thoughtfulness and flexibility, so too will our transition back to campus. But I am looking forward to being in person with you, enjoying the events and interactions that make our University so special. 

Have a great summer, and Go Niners!


Sharon L. Gaber

Sharon L. Gaber