A Message of Care and Support Following Shooting at UNC Chapel Hill

Categories: Chancellor's Messages

Dear Niner Nation,

The latest report of a tragic shooting on a college campus, this time at UNC Chapel Hill, has left us stunned and disheartened. The fear, anger and profound sorrow that our friends and colleagues are bearing due to this unfathomable act of violence strike a chord of deep resonance within our community.

As you process the scenes and information you are seeing on the news and social media, you may also be experiencing strong emotions. Please remember there are campus resources available to help you:

Make sure to take care of yourself so that you may help take care of others.

Just as others stood with us, we stand with Chapel Hill now, offering our support as they navigate the days and weeks to come. We know the Chapel Hill community will emerge even stronger than they are today.


Sharon L. Gaber